Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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  • indianindian2006
    11-30 06:36 PM
    Following is Ron`s observation

    There is an error in the initial explanation of the quota. As I read this analysis, they are suggesting that the single state limit is 25,620 - irrespective of whether the visas are issued in family or employment based. This suggests that a country with heavy family based demand, but light employment based demand, could use more than 7% of the EB or FB quota as long as they remained under 25,620 overall. This is wrong. The 7% limit applies independently to FB and EB. A country could have no demand in one area, and enormous demand in the other and the side with the excessive demand would still be limited to 7% of that quota - not 7% of the combined quota.

    Also, I think that their estimates for China and India EB2 are too pessimistic.

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  • nixstor
    12-13 04:34 PM

    speak to a lawyer and stop responding to people on this thread!! everyone pontificates. all the people who are screaming from their rooftops here about ethics etc., would readily accept an offer of reusing a previously unused LC if their employer gave them the option.

    just my 2 cents.

    Do you accept one if you were given one right now? If yes, why would you accept it? If not, why wouldn't you accept it? I wouldnt have posed this Q but by looking at what you said, it appears that you support labor substitution as long as both the employer and employee can hush up the money involved and leave no proof.

    On the flip side, there are so many people who wouldnt take a substituted labor. Please do not generalize.


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  • greyhair
    04-29 12:28 PM
    US continues to sell to Pakistan anticipating that India will also buy from US. This not only creates a dangerous situation in the region, it also forces resources away from development work. The best answer to US selling to Pakistan is, not to buy military equipment from US. Then US will not have an incentive to sell to Pakistan.

    Till US stops selling equipment in the region, India should not buy anything from Boeing and Lockhead. Simple.

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  • Libra
    07-08 11:19 AM
    NBC news is old one on youtube and i rated 5 stars, but i think green card(other one) is new and awesome. rated 5 stars.


    I loved it. If I am right, this is posted by an IV core team member.


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  • gc_on_demand
    11-06 12:45 PM
    Hey! Maybe instead of donating to IV, we could pool some money and get Baba's prediction on Visa movement. I'm sure his prediction would be just as worthwhile/less as Charles Oppenheim's!!!;)

    Baba says donate to IV and work with IV that will give you GC faster other wise wait for 10 year . Will you now donate some ?

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  • jonty_11
    05-15 11:35 AM
    I have been calling my state and other states too as I get time. I will do that for this Bill as well.

    I think this one is critical in that it will get many folks out of the picture/queue.


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  • snathan
    02-11 12:17 AM
    Please contribute


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