Friday, July 8, 2011

Top 5 2010 Male Olympic Athletes

Wow...what an amazing last week of Olympics. Canada owned the GOLD!!! GO CANADA GO!! Record breaking Gold standings!!

Man oh man!! This week was a tough one. There are so many gorgeous Olympians! There are so many countries to choose from. I remember watching the opening ceremonies with some friends, and all of the girls noticing the gorgeous men on all of the Olympic teams. All of the competing countries have beautiful men. It's been hard choosing only 5...And I'm leaning towards all of the Canadian men, but is that fair? I've done two lists again this week. I've got a Top 5 Canadian Male 2010 Olympic Athletes List and a Top 5 Male 2010 Olympic Athletes (not from Canada).

Top 5 Hot Canadian Male 2010 Olympic Athletes

5. John Morris - Curling

He's a gorgeous beefy man (yes, I said beefy!) who helped win us a gold and has turned curling into a sexy sport to watch

4. Alexandre Bilodeau

The first ever Gold Medalist on Canadian soil...nothing is sexier than that!

3. Tyler Nella - Alpine Skiing

This skier is so hot he melts the snow on his way down the hill!

2. Francois-Louis Tremblay - Short Track Speed Skating

Charles Hamelin's teammate, and supersexy multiple medal winner (Bronze and Gold in Vancouver)...check out that sexy look he's giving the camera!

And the HOTTEST Male 2010 Canadian Olympic Athlete is...

1. Jon Montgomery - Skeleton

I don't need to say much here...this proud Canadian has the looks, the personality and the GOLD!!! JON IS HOT!!!

Man, what gorgeous men we have in this country!!! Our team is so gorgeous. There are so many more I that are just as stunning, but these 5 stood out to me. There are many who deserve honourable mention, but too many to list here. Let me know who you thought was the stunner of the games.


Top 5 Hot Male 2010 Olympic Athletes (not from Canada)

5. Lars Lewan - Sweden - Freestyle Skiing

4. Andreas Linger - Austria - Luge
*(check out his younger brother Wolfgang...also a hottie)

3. Roland Clara - Italy - Cross Country Skiing

2. Adam Pengilly - Great Britain and Northern Ireland - Skeleton

And the Hottest Male Olympian from the 2010 Olympics (not from Canada) is...

1. Mark Tuitert - Netherlands - Speed Skating

There were so many more I could have chosen, but above are the 5 men then I thought were the most beautiful! Let me know if you spotted anyone you fancied during these games!

The Oscars are next Sunday, so in tribute next week's list will be Top 5 Hottest Male Oscar Nominees of All Time! Send in your pick and you might see him on the list next week.

Keep your ice buckets close by...

Till Sunday...


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